Carrie Nelson Black Endowment

Created during the 2006 Centennial Year to keep the Carrie Nelson Black legacy alive, The Breathing Association is proud to announce the Carrie Nelson Black Endowment.

Endowment donors demonstrate the vision to care for those who will be in need tomorrow. Their generosity ensures that those less fortunate will have a chance to live a healthier life. As The Breathing Association steps into the next one hundred years of service, it is critical to ensure that our work continues for future generations and the lung health challenges they will face.

As the endowment fund grows, it provides an expanding source of interest revenue to continue association programs due to the loss of grant funding or a declining fiscal environment. Endowment gifts are permanently invested and funds are only drawn from interest earned. Endowment donors may permanently restrict the donation to endowment purposes.

A gift of cash, stocks, bonds or a Planned Gift today establishes membership in the endowment. There are four giving levels ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 and above. This is a lasting tribute that honors family members, friends or mentors. It is a wonderful way to commemorate a family legacy. Because Carrie is the founder, not only of The Breathing Association, but also of Mother’s Day in Ohio, this is the perfect tribute to a mother, wife, sister, grandmother or special woman. Tributes to honor special men are also encouraged and a gift of appreciation is available to announce your legacy in their behalf. Also, please consider membership for yourself.

Another way to participate in the endowment is to make a planned or estate gift. The gift may be through a will, life insurance, cash asset or trust that names The Breathing Association as a beneficiary. These estate gifts may be of any value. After you have taken care of your family, please remember us for a specific dollar amount or percentage of the assets. Please let us know of your plans so that we can honor you during your lifetime.

Carrie Nelson Black Foundation Giving Levels

  • Florence Nightingale Sustainer: $5,000 – $14,999
  • Charles O. Probst Patron: $15,000 – $24,999
  • Carrie Nelson Black Humanitarian:  $25,000 – $49,999
  • John Champion Philanthropist: $50,000 or more

Please consider a truly perpetual gift that keeps on giving. This gift ensures the next 100 years of service!

For more information on the Carrie Nelson Black Endowment, please contact the President & CEO at 740-803-1959.