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The Breathing Association is grateful for all donations. Your contribution will help us fulfill our mission of serving the community as the leading resource for promoting lung health and preventing lung disease through education, detection and service.

All donations are acknowledged to you in writing by mail. 100% of your donation stays in central Ohio to help Ohioans. Gifts to The Breathing Association are 100% tax deductible. Donations can be made in memory or in honor of someone special.

Are you making a contribution as a gift on someone’s behalf? Let us know in the notes section, and we will mail you a card to give to the gift recipient to let them know that you have helped someone breathe easier on their behalf.

Your gift may be doubled!  Click here for information about Matching Gifts!

You can donate online or by mail. Thank you for your support!

Donate Online:

Please click the button below to make a secure online donation.

Are you donating today as a gift for someone? Let us know in the notes section of the donation process how many people you are providing gifts for, and we will mail you cards to include in a greeting card or to wrap as a gift to give them, so that they know that you have given someone the gift of breathing easy on their behalf. It is the gift that always fits and they cannot have enough of!

Donate by Mail:

Please click here to fill out a form and mail it in as instructed on the form.

Your donation will remain anonymous at your request.

Still Have Questions About How To Donate?

Contact Jennifer Burroway via email,, or call 614-437-1534

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does my donation go?
100% of donations stay here, in Franklin County to help people in Franklin County

How can I donate?
There are many ways.  Through the Columbus Foundation, by clicking the link on our website, a check by mail to The Breathing Association and several options of planned giving, discussed on our website at:  Many employers also include The Breathing Association in their employee giving plans as well.

Can I make a donation in someone’s memory?

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, it is.

Could I donate my time as a volunteer?
Yes, there are several opportunities for volunteering!

What is the Carrie Nelson Black Endowment?
Created in our 100th year, it is a way to keep the legacy our founder alive.  Read more about it here:

Can I give anonymously?
Absolutely.  At your request, your information will be kept anonymous

What rewards have you earned for your fundraising standards?
The 2022 NAFC Gold Standard