Ready to Quit?

When you’re ready to quit, we are here to help! Start your journey to quit smoking, vaping, or using tobacco and other nicotine-containing products, The Breathing Association is here to help Make It Make Sense.

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The Benefits of Cessation:

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do! You’ll never meet a person who says they regret quitting smoking or using tobacco or other nicotine products. The health benefits of quitting are dramatic, and some are immediate! Some of the first differences you’ll notice:

  • Within 20 minutes, your heart rate will drop to normal.
  • In the first 12 hours, your body’s carbon monoxide levels return to normal, increasing your oxygen levels.
  • On the first day, your risk of a heart attack decreases.
  • In the first two days, your sense of taste and smell will improve.
  • The first three days will bring a massive decrease to the nicotine levels in your blood.

These benefits are just the start! There are several long-term health benefits for those who quit as well, including:

  • In 9 Months, your lungs will regain much of their form and function
  • In a year, your risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 50%
  • After 5 year your arteries and blood vessels will have significantly widened reducing your risk of clotting and strokes.
  • After 10 years, your chance of lung cancer is about half that of someone who still smokes

Phases of Quitting.

Most smokers and vapers don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan! Every accomplishment starts with a strong plan, and quitting is no different. By taking a phased approach to quitting, you can work with health professionals at The Breathing Association to set yourself up for success. One phased model of quitting looks like this:

Planning Phase:

This is the time where you figure out how you are going to quit. It is recommended to at least give yourself 14 days prior to the quit date. This includes picking the right treatment and support programs (individualized or in group) for you to be successful. In addition, you will need to have plans for before, the day you quit, and for after your selected quit day. Your doctor, or one of the Health Professionals at The Breathing Association can help you find a plan that works for you.

Quit Phase:

YOU DID IT! This is the phase when you stop completely smoking, vaping, or using any forms of tobacco products and start a tobacco free life. Your quit day plan is in effect. This may include appointments with health professionals, attending group support sessions, and/or beginning medications to help with nicotine withdrawal. It’s important to pay attention to what is working and what isn’t working as it is a journey to quitting and staying quit.

Remaining Quit or Relapse Prevention Phase:

Since most relapses happen in the first 10 days after quitting, reaching this phase is a big step in your quitting journey. Here you’ll continue with your appointments, sessions, and if you are taking medications. continued monitoring of your successes and opportunities are key to understanding if changes need to be made in the plan. Be sure to be honest and communicate with your health professional team about changes you might need to make to your plan.

Staying Quit or Sustaining Quit Phase:

After about a month quit, it’s time to start examining your overall health and wellness by looking at the positive benefits of being an ex-smoker or nicotine user! Learning to be healthier and wiser with your behavioral choices are key to staying smoke free.

Resources from The Breathing Association

At The Breathing Association we have several ways to guide you through the quitting process and want to help make a plan that’s just right for you!

Cessations Programs offered by The Breathing Association
(Participants may qualify for FREE or NO COST treatment and support)

Quit For Good

This is a group-based cessation program that is held in both workplace and community settings.

learn more about this program

At Home

This program offers in-home education, treatment, and follow-up care – including tobacco cessation treatment – to seniors in our community.

learn more about this program

Elevating New Moms

It’s especially important for expecting and new moms to quit because their choice affect not only their own health, but their baby’s health as well.

learn more about this program

Faith to Quit

We are all stronger when we have our faith. Faith to Quit is a group cessation program to bring to your Faith Based Organization, to quit smoking together.

learn more about this program

Treatment Options

The Lung Health Clinic

The Lung Health Clinic at the Breathing Association provides comprehensive care for individuals with lung disease and their overall health. The clinic offers a wide range of services, including diagnostic evaluations, Click here to learn more and see if you qualify for services!


Mobile Medical Unit

Find our Mobile Medical Unit in the community! It’s a great place to start your quitting journey! Staffed by experienced healthcare professionals, the mobile unit travels to communities, offering diagnosis, treatment, and education on respiratory illnesses. By bringing healthcare directly to the communities it serves, the Breathing Association Mobile Medical Unit helps improve access to vital respiratory care and enhances the overall well-being of individuals affected by lung-related conditions.

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