Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a wonderful way to support The Breathing Association by designating a portion of your estate as a gift in the future. Working with your financial, estate or tax advisor, you can to leave a portion of your assets to The Breathing Association to ensure the lung health of future generations. Click on any of the following to learn more:

Another way to reduce your estate tax and leave a legacy for the future is by naming The Breathing Association as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Your insurance agent can assist you with a beneficiary form where you can leave a percentage or specific dollar amount of your life insurance to The Breathing Association.

As you plan your charitable giving you should take into account your future needs and the needs of your family. One way of doing this is to donate a specific piece of real property to The Breathing Association, like an automobile, real estate or other asset which can be turned into cash. Contact your estate planner or the President & CEO at for more details. Thank you for your support! Note: For individuals in certain income categories, your family will actually inherit more of your resources if you consider one of the following donations.

A charitable gift annuity is a unique way to share your good fortune with The Breathing Association. You establish a contract with The Breathing Association in which you give cash or securities in exchange for fixed payments for life, for yourself or any one you designate. Your estate planner can explain the details, or you can call the President & CEO at to find out more information.

A charitable remainder trust can be established that will specify how money in the trust will be managed. You can establish a Unitrust that fluctuates annually with the fair-market-value of the trust, or you can establish an Annuity Trust that pays a fixed amount annually. While living, you benefit from the trust income, and upon your death, the trust will be used to help the individuals served by The Breathing Association. Charitable remainder trusts have tax advantage options that you can discuss with your advisor or call the President & CEO at

A pooled income fund is similar to a mutual fund in that you receive income earned according to the number of shares you own. You receive income for life and the life of one beneficiary, then your shares will go to benefit those individuals served by The Breathing Association. There are tax deductions and estate benefits to the pooled income fund, and you have the comfort of knowing that The Breathing Association will be able to continue their free lung health care services because of your generosity. Call the President & CEO at for more details.

The Breathing Association recommends that you consult with your estate, tax or legal advisor prior to making a planned gift. If you do not have an estate advisor, contact the President & CEO at We will provide you with a list of qualified referrals from which to choose.

Any planned gift may be designated as an endowment gift to the Carrie Nelson Black Endowment. Call the President & CEO at for more details.

For more information, please contact our Director Of Development at