Elevating New Moms

Quit for two!

Did you know that 1 in 14 new Moms smoke during their pregnancy?  We’re here to help new moms create a healthier life for themselves and their babies.

The Breathing Association has launched Elevating New Moms, an infant vitality program designed to educate new and expectant moms about the importance of quitting nicotine.

Who Can Sign up?

Expectant or new moms at least 3 months pregnant through three months post-partum who also currently smoke or use other nicotine products are eligible to join the program.

Family-members who smoke and live in the same household as an expectant or new mom may also be eligible for the program. Please fill out the form below for more information.

How does it work?

The program includes evaluations, smoking cessation education and other resources to monitor the health of the new moms and babies.

A total of eight sessions are required of participants – three in-person at the Breathing Center’s Health Clinic and five via telehealth.

The program and each session are free.

Click here for downloadable flyer

Interested in enrolling or getting more information? Please complete the form below and our Tobacco Cessation Manager will be in touch:

Are you Currently Pregnant?(Required)
Are you a family-member who lives with a new or expectant mom?
Do you currently smoke or use Nicotine products?(Required)

For more resources and to learn more about Elevating New Moms, check out our monthly articles written by Dr. Alfred!

Dr. Alfred is a licensed psychologist, certified perinatal mental health professional, and certified tobacco treatment specialist. Through her practice, she provides direct clinical services, workshops and continuing education that promote health equity for those at the highest risk for complications during pregnancy and postpartum.

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