Kick the Nic

Over 14% of American High Schools students and 3% of Middle School Students report current e-cigarette (vaping) usage. These adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the highly addictive effects of nicotine because this early use can seriously damage a child’s health prior to reaching adulthood and create a life-long addiction. The best way to combat this high level of use is to give our kids the tools they need to never start.

Program Overview:

The Breathing Association has created an interactive program called Kick the Nic for students in Central Ohio. This program educates kids about the dangers of nicotine use and the importance of prevention. Through discussions about the health effects of vaping and nicotine, the impacts of peer pressure and the manipulative nature of nicotine marketing, students are given concrete ways to remain nicotine-free.

Free programming customized for your setting

It’s important to reach students where they are, so Kick the Nic can be delivered in multiple formats to suit your specific group and setting:

  • Content and activities can be tailored for students aged 10-18
  • Suitable for school settings, after school programs, youth groups, neighborhood associations and anyplace else kids gather
  • Course frequency and length can be modified to fit your group’s needs, including:
    • Our “Standard Track” featuring five, 30 minute weekly sessions
    • Our “Fast Track” that delivers the program content in a one  hour session

By reaching school-aged children before they start, we can give kids a greater chance of living nicotine-free throughout their lives.

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Nearly 90% of adult smokers begin smoking at or before age 18.

Types of nicotine use in adolescents: Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape pens and other nicotine.

Peak years for first trying nicotine occur in grades 6 and 7. Considerable number of children start even earlier.

For more resources and to learn more about Kick the Nic, check out our monthly articles by Bruce Barcelo!

Bruce is the Director of Implementation for Soter Technologies as well as a Senior Program Coordinator at Montgomery County ADAMHS. Bruce has been the chairperson of the Tobacco Free Ohio Alliance for two terms and is current Chair Elect. Bruce presents at many national, state and local conventions and meetings on tobacco and health related topics.


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