Percentage of Income Payment Plan – PIPP Plus

PIPP Plus is an extended payment arrangement that requires regulated gas and electric companies to accept payments based on a percentage of the household income. In Franklin County, the three regulated utility vendors are American Electric Power (AEP), Columbia Gas, and Ohio Edison.

Under PIPP Plus, if you heat with gas, you pay 5% of your monthly household income. If you heat with electricity, you pay 10% of your monthly household income.

The Breathing Association can enroll and re-verify PIPP Plus amounts. All PIPP Plus customers must re-verify their income annually.

You can enroll as a new PIPP Plus customer in person at any of our locations. You may also reapply online, or by mailing in your application to 741 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205. You may also fax your application and documents to (614) 457-1934. You may also email your application and documents to You can enroll as a new PIPP Plus customer in person or by phone.

To be eligible for the PIPP Plus program, a customer must receive primary or secondary heat from a company regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and have a total household income at or below 175% of the 2021-2022 federal poverty guidelines.


PIPP PLUS applications can be dropped off to any TBA location or entered through the online portal, drop off locations include the Mobile Medical Unit. Click here for verification list.

Household Size
One Month Income Twelve Months Income
1 $2,097.12 $25,515
2 $2,836.43 $34,510
3 $3,575.75 $43,505
4 $4,315.07 $52,500
5 $5,054.07 $61,495
6 $5,793.70 $70,490
7 $6,533.01 $79,485
8 $7,272.32 $88,480

Households with more than eight members must add $8,995 to the yearly income or $739.31 to the 30-day income for each additional member.