Happy Thanksgiving, from Lori Sontag, President & CEO of The Breathing Association

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Combating the Teen Vaping Epidemic

Teen vaping is a problem. We have the tools to help you create a solution.

Are you a concerned parent? A teacher, coach or youth organization leader? Below, you can download the tools you need to succeed.

  • The Facts and Myths of Vaping
  • Signs of Vaping
  • Tips for Talking to Teens
  • Recommendations for Schools
  • Organizing a Community Forum or Awareness Campaign
  • Action Plans
  • Resources for more

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Giving Tuesday

How Can You Help?

This past year, The Breathing Association has experienced a rapid rate of growth. As the needs of our community increase to care for our most vulnerable populations of Central Ohio, the need for diagnostic tools increases as well.

By having a range of point-of-care testing equipment, The Breathing Association Lung Health Clinic will significantly improve the diagnostic capabilities and provide timely assessments to inform treatment decisions. These items will enable our clinicians to conduct on-site testing, ensuring convenient and efficient evaluation of various health parameters. The list of essential point-of-care machines that are needed include:

  • Hematology Analyzer for rapid assessment of low blood count, bleeding risk, and possible infections
  • Glucose Meter for an assessment of blood sugar levels within the last 90 days and diabetes risk
  • Rapid Strep Test for determination of infection for Strep A or B
  • Rapid Influenza Test for determination of an infection from Influenza A or B
  • Urinalysis Analyzer for assessments of kidney function and possible infections
  • Point-of-Care Chemistry Analyzer for assessment of body electrolytes and organ function
  • Cholesterol Analyzer for assessment of cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease risk
  • Pulmonary Function Test to measure a patient’s lung capacity
  • Portable Digital X-Ray Machine for diagnosing lung diseases including TB and pneumonia.

By incorporating these machines into the clinical workflow, our clinic team will be able to perform comprehensive and rapid assessments, enabling prompt diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and improved management of pulmonary conditions.

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