The patients we see every day in our Lung Health Clinic and out in the community in our Mobile Medical Unit receive the care and attention that they need but may not have access to treatment due to cost or accessibility.

At no cost to them, our patients get screenings, vaccinations, education on how to improve their breathing, smoking cessation tools and much more.

But we could do much more.

A major roadblock we face in our charity care is the ability to perform more detailed screenings. To more precisely screen for infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia and other pulmonary diseases and conditions, we need a mobile X-Ray machine. This would give us the ability to see concerning spots in patients’ lungs to determine the best next steps for care. With a mobile X-Ray machine, that care can go anywhere we are, either in the community or in our own clinic.

For more information on how our patients could better be served if The Breathing Association had a mobile Xray machine, please click here to hear from Dr. Iyaad Hasan, DNP, MBA, APRN

Our charity care is 100% funded by people like you. Maybe you or someone you care for have been touched by a lung health condition, or you know someone who has benefited from charity care services. No matter your “why” we can all agree that providing much needed medical services to our growing vulnerable communities is much needed. This fiscal year we are on track to spend approximately $80,000 to provide charity care, have raised $47,000 so far. We are almost there. Would you help us bridge the gap in charity care?

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Together, we can care for every breath our community takes.