Starting April 1st through May 9th, you can purchase a plant from Thorsen’s Greenhouse and a portion of the proceeds will go to The Breathing Association’s Lung Health Clinic. The very first Mother’s Day in Ohio was celebrated because of the tireless work of our founder, Carrie Nelson Black. In 1911, she prevailed upon Governor Judson Harmon to issue the state’s first Mother’s Day Proclamation, and we’ve honored moms on this day ever since.

In recognition of Carrie Nelson Black, The Breathing Association has partnered with Thorsen’s Greenhouse to raise funds so that we can expand the number of individuals and families we reach. There would be no fresh air without plants, and a Mother’s Day gift from Thorsen’s not only celebrates the mom in your life, it also brings lung charity health care to those in need.

To purchase a Mother’s Day gift, go to Thorsen’s Greenhouse and enter promo code “breathe” at checkout, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Breathing Association. To send a personal message with your gift, type your message under “Notes” at checkout.

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